Glasswater Locks, Eastside Birmingham

Located in the heart of Birmingham’s Education Quarter Glasswater Locks is born out of the historic Digbeth Branch Canal.

Celebrating the Digbeth Branch Canal as a calm and historic centre piece this new cancel-side landscape plays a key role in defining the character of the development at Glasswater Locks.

The MW Approach

MW’s Landscape Masterplan for Glasswater Locks

The landscape at Glasswater Locks responds to the local character of the city of Birmingham, integrating with the existing urban context, including the developments relationship with the city centre and the local built heritage.

The MW Vision

The opportunities and constraints identified through analysis of the site have informed the proposed landscape strategy and concept. Key components of the landscape concept for Glasswater Locks include:

Orientation and layout of the landscape to take advantage of the adjacent Digbeth Branch Canal, through creation of canal side views and new physical links to the canal.

Creation of key new public spaces; Glass Works Square, Pound Basin and Lawley Plaza.

Improvements to the connectivity of the Site to the adjacent context and Canal, through creation of new gateway spaces and physical connections which respond to the identified access requirements and constraints; Glass Works Square, Lawley Plaza, links to Ashted Circus and canal side circulation routes.

Expression of the industrial history and historic canal asset within the form and materiality of the landscape and public art.

Integration of the landscape with the proposed architecture through continuation of the architectural grid and expression of principal entrances within the paving design.

Integration of the site with the Ashted Circus improvements through continuation of the prominent soft landscape character into the Site.

Environmental improvements through the inclusion of soft landscape buffers to Jennens Road and Lawley Middleway.

Provision of additional residential amenity space through the inclusion of communal podium gardens.

The MW Touch

MW’s Glassworks Square Landscape Vignette for Glasswater Locks

Project Details


Urban Regeneration


Berkeley Group


2018 – Ongoing

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